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madCAM - plugin for Rhinoceros

CAM Software for Rhino


Includes 2 1/2 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis, indexed 5 axis, automatic post processing and more. This version is aimed at users who need support for 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis milling.

Here you will find the additional functionality needed to automatically and effectively process from a custom 3D as-built model. By automatically processing areas where residual material exists, the final finish is achieved where previous finishing operations failed to achieve material due to cutter size.

All functions work for 3-axis, simultaneous 4-axis and indexed 5-axis. There are additional options for the rotary axis function where the user can select the direction of the spindle axis. This allows 4+1 axis toolpaths to be created simultaneously.

It has additional features to avoid or process only the flat areas of a model. Included features to remove sharp corners on the toolpath and make the machine move more smoothly.

madCAM 5X, CAM software 5 axes indexed

  • License will be sent via email

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