All imes-icore milling cutters / grinders can be ordered from us


Fräser / Schleifer

Fräser / Schleifer Schaft Ø 6mm
Fräser / Schleifer Schaft Ø3 mm
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All FIRSTATTEC milling cutters can be ordered from us

Bushings for the cutters / grinders

bushing for cutters shaft diameter Ø3mm
bushings for cutters with shaft diameter Ø6mm
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Accessories / spare parts



table Jewelery 350i
table Jewelery 350i Loader
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Collets spindle milling cutters

collet Ø 3mm
collet Ø1/8"
collet Ø4mm
collet Ø 6mm
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Special holders for blanks rings, bracelets, watch cases

Storage box cutters: for the automatic exchange


Water tank (replacement)

Jewelery 350i, iVAC eco + suction unit

for extracting fine dust
Brushless turbine
including HEPA filter

Extraction system 110V-230V

Suction power: 260 m³ / hour
Dimensions: 750mm x 460mm x 440mm (HxDxW)
Weight: 30kg
Power supply: 110-230v 1ph 50 / 60Hz
Maximum current at 110V: 12.5A
Noise level: below 75dB (A)
Prefilter efficiency: F8 95% @ 0.9

Universal adapter for individual holders

This adapter has on one side the connection to our zero point system for the Jewelery 350i and on the other side the connection flange according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1, so that you can construct a device on this side for fastening your individual blanks and thus to the jewelry 350i can connect




Coolant "Mill & Grind"

Blanks for the round holder

PU (color ivory)
Ti (Grade 5)
Ti (Grade 4)
Ti (Grade 2)
Wax (color grey)
Zr Disc
Zr ht+
Zr transpa
Zr transpa colored
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