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End of support for all Matrix versions from August 31, 2022

we continue to offer our Matrix customers the following support:


Subscription Matrix 9

Services & Content

  • Technical Support Matrix 9

  • If necessary, new installations of Matrix (e.g. install M9 on a new computer)

    • Unit price €125

  • Including 3 hours of individual training Matrix as a webinar

    • Individual price €150 per hour

    • Themes according to customer requirements

      • Templates: your sketches, models, etc.

    • Dates: by appointment

    • Duration: according to customer requirements

    • Times: daily from 09:00 to 18:00

    • Your location: Webinar via

    • Price: €150  per hour

    • Billing ½ hourly



  • €495 per year

  • Subscription valid for 1 year from order (payment)


All prices net plus 19% VAT (Germany)

Make the switch to MatrixGold

M9 to MG Logo.png

Matrix users can purchase MatrixGold at a reduced price with the following models

MG Loyalty Path.jpg