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What is ExactFlat
ExactFlat is a software for the digital creation of settlements.
ExactFlat is a plugin for SolidWorks 3D and a plugin for Rhinoceros 3D.


  • Design in Rhino 3D or import from laser scans or other 3D CAD sources.

  • Precisely unfold complex 3D surfaces into production-ready 2D unfolds.

  • Add precision alignment notches, darts, seams, and grain lines in seconds.

  • Export to standard DXF formats to create output for cutting plotters or 2D fabric CAD packages.

ExactFlat can be used for:
Clothing, textiles, cladding, furniture covers,
Automotive, shoes, shipbuilding, insulation, sporting goods, and much more.

  • ExactFlat is aimed at designers, engineers and model builders in all industries,

  • It's up to 16x faster than hand-patterning because it uses the first-ever digital fabric simulation for ultimate accuracy.


areas of application


Development of complex even double-curved surfaces
Why is the unfolding from 3D to 2D so complex and difficult
There are different reasons for this

Material complexity

  • material consumption, warping, weave; and

  • Elongation (modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio).

The complexity of the 3D models

  • Material strain and deflection based on geometry;

  • Material can be single or multiple;

  • Alignment uni- or multi-directional;

  • With constant or variable thread spacing.

The surface complexity adds even more difficulty

  • Class A or G3 finishes;

  • Surfaces with a non-zero Gaussian constraint, commonly referred to as non-developable or double curvature; or

  • Faces with edges that mate with adjacent edges.

ExactFlat for Rhino image gallery

ExactFlat for Rhino image gallery

ExactFlat for Rhino Videos

ExactFlat Rhino Workflow

ExactFlat settlement shell car seat

ExactFlat settlement cover boot

ExactFlat settlement of pillows

Some reference customers

Lear– Lear uses ExactFlat for automotive interiors and seating.

IKEA– Ikea uses ExactFlat for upholstered furniture.

Hanse Yachts– Hanse Yachts uses ExactFlat for boat hulls and interiors.

ball aerospace– Ball Aerospace uses ExactFlat for satellite covers and wraps.

Advanced Thermal– Advanced Thermal uses ExactFlat for the fabrication of turbine insulation systems.

Land Rover– Jaguar Landrover uses ExactFlat for automotive interiors.

John's Hopkins University– John's Hopkins applied physics laboratory uses ExactFlat for composite engineering.

Raven AerostarRaven Aerostar uses ExactFlat for high altitude inflatables.

Yamaha Marine– Yamaha Marine uses ExactFlat for the design and development of marine products.

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