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MatrixGold  2.6

MatrixGold 2.6.22031.3002 Release Notes


Launch Time Improvements

  • Improved Downloading, Retention, and Caching of user access on launch.

    • Downloading: Increased the timeout for slower connections.

    • Retention: Prevent repeat removal on subsequent launches.

    • Caching: Properly saved packages will be used until expiration.

Display Mode Improvements

  • Fixed Bugs with specific Display Modes

    • Changing the Default Display mode should no longer cause an error and should correctly update user settings. (Only affected certain shade modes).

  • Display Mode Defaults

    • MatrixGold will now correctly remember and apply the applied Default Display Mode on subsequent launches.

Animation Studio Animation

  • Adjusted the UX for ‘Estimated Time’ to improve readability.

  • Additional miscellaneous UI changes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Additional minor fixes and improvements to launch UX.

  • Additional UI tweaks

MatrixGold 2.6.22066.3002 Release Notes


Resume Animation UX Improvement

  • Continue Animation with fewer clicks

  • Slight UX Improvement

Gem Map

  • UX Improvement to Gem Map Sorting

  • Default Settings Adjusted for Size Hundredths Accuracy

Prong Placer

  • Fixed Single Stone End Prongs Setting

Profile Fixes

  • Fixed Prong Profile #10

  • Fixed Prong Profile #11

Minor Preferences Changes

  • Adjusted wording for Multiple Preferences

Additional Small Changes

  • Minor Bug Fixes

  • Minor UX changes

MatrixGold 2.6.22089.3002 Release Notes


Profile Placer Addition

  • Added Profile Orientation: Flat.

Profile Placer Fix

  • Improved UX with alternate profile methods.


  • Fixed error related to newer Rhinoceros Service Releases.

MatrixGold 2.6.22144.1002 and MatrixGold 2.4.22144.1001 Release Notes


  • Security Update

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