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MatrixGold  2.5

MatrixGold 2.5.21238.1002 Release Notes


Render Studio Changes

  • Material Icons Now Default to Larger Size.

  • Materials can now be applied much faster.

  • User Created Render Styles can now be Imported and Exported.

  • Render Windows now adjust to fit your Render Output size.

Gem Report Changes

  • Added Material Previews

  • Added SELECT button to select Gem in Document

Render Materials

  • Increased the size of Render Material Preview Images and adjust to better fit the UI.

Searching Ribbon Bar

  • Searching the Ribbon Bar for a sub-command wasn’t working, but with renaming the sub commands to include their parent command name, sub command searching now works.

  • Searching for “move” for example, showed multiple commands named move, with no way to know other than the icon, what move did what.

Window Layout

  • Previously Window Layouts only saved to your settings when MG closed. Now there is an option to save your Window Layout from the main menu.

Dynamic Commands

  • We’ve added a preference to Recalculate on Command End to the Dynamic Commands preferences. When checked the geometry of a design isn’t refreshed until you complete the changes to the current command. This is helpful for heavy designs to prevent having to while for an entire design to calculate after making a change.

MatrixGold Window

  • The MG window when not maximized was difficult to resize, we’ve made adjustments to the Window to better respond to hovering near the border, making it easier to adjust the window size.

Project Manager

  • Added Images filter to Project Job Bags, to view Renders created for the Active Project.

  • Added the Option to automatically save Renders to Current Project or to a Shared Render Folder or both.

  • The Project Manager now has a button to Open the Folder in Explorer for the current project.

  • If “Save Render to Shared…” is checked it will also add a button to Render Studio panel to Open the Shared Render folder in Explorer.

Status Bar Options

  • Option to select what to show on the Status Bar

Rhino 7 Support

  • Rhino 7 SR8 support added, users will require SR8+ of Rhino to run MatrixGold.

  • MatrixGold now built on .NET 4.8 Framework to fully support Rhino 7.


  • Fixed F8 Super Select hotkey not working in some scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue where some Display Modes may appear missing in some scenarios.

  • Fixed Show/Hide OSnaps when toggled on or off.

  • Fixed project sorting not sticking through restarts.

  • Mesh Repair now accepts SubD objects.

  • Added some additional Clayoo Models to the Clayoo Library.

  • Translations: Updates for French, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages.

Dynamic Command Changes

  • Gems/Object on Curve – Default Step Value Changed.

  • Channel Cutter - Middle Profile Count min value changed.

  • Finger Hole Support - Fixed only showing points during the use of the tool.

  • Autobase – Fixed length of surface calculation and other related issues.


  • Profiles, Gallery Rails, Prongs used on many tools improved to increase application performance. Adjustments to Prongs are much quicker now.

  • Render Material Preview Images are now captured much more quickly than before, improve the process of applying materials to objects.

  • Fixed Performance Issues caused by Ring Rail, Gem, GemOnCurve, etc. when changing either Slider Value for Size or the ComboBox for Shape or Region causing double recalculation of the geometry. Changes to either Gem Size or Finger Size should now feel faster.

  • Improved the startup speed for MatrixGold by adjusting when/how things were being populated in the UI / Render.

Ribbon Bar Adjustments

  • Changed the macro for the following tools. As the commands currently are, they just choose whatever degree was used the last time the command was run.

    • Curves > Polyline > Through Points – Change macro to “_CurveThroughPt _Pause _Degree 1 _Enter”

    • Curves > Free-Form Curve > Curve Through Point – Change macro to “_CurveThroughPt _Pause _Degree 3 _Enter”

  • Curves > Cleanup – Uses the “Fillet Corners” icon but runs the “Fillet” command

  • Curves > Cleanup > Fillet Corners – Uses a “Fit Curve” icon but runs “Fillet Corners”

  • Another macro change – Curves > Offset > On Surface Through Point – Change macro to “!_OffsetCrvOnSrf _Pause _Pause _ThroughPoint”

  • Curves > Convert > Convert To Arcs or Convert To Lines – These commands are currently using the same icon. I’m pretty sure separate icons were created for these.

  • Surface > Edge Tools > Rebuild Edge – Unknown command

  • Solid > Extrude Srf to Boundary > Along Curve - Change macro to “!_ExtrudeSrfAlongCrv _Pause _ToBoundary”

  • Solid > Edit Edges > Rotate and Scale – Unknown command. Should be removed from interface.

  • Solid > Edit Faces > Shear – Unknown command. Should be removed from interface.

  • Solid > Edit Faces > Merge – command begins with an “@” symbol. Clearly, it should be removed so the command will actually run.

  • Solid > Edit Holes > Revolve Hole > Unknown command. Should be changed to “!_RevolvedHole”

  • Transform > Scale > Non-Uniform and By Plane – The other scales have a copy option for right-click. Why not add that to this command?

  • View > Set C-Plane > Undo C-Plane Change – change macro from “!_Cplane _Previous” to “!_CPlane _Undo”

  • View > Set C-Plane > Redo C-Plane Change – change macro from “!_Cplane _Next” to “!_CPlane _Redo”

  • Need to use a hyphen before “ViewportProperties” to suppress user interface for the three commands below

    • View > Set Camera > Place Target – need to change macro from “!_ViewportProperties _Target _Pause Enter” to “!-ViewportProperties _Target _Pause _Enter”

    • View > Set Camera > Center Viewport – need to change macro from “!_ViewportProperties _Target W0,0,0 Enter” to “!-ViewportProperties _Target W0,0,0 _Enter”

    • View > Set Camera > Place Camera and Target- need to change macro from “!_ViewportProperties CameraTarget” to “!-ViewportProperties _CameraTarget _Pause _Pause _Enter”

  • Mesh > Repair Tools > Align Mesh Vertices – Looks like this is a Rhino 5 and 6 tool that was either removed or renamed in Rhino 7. Clicking the icon yields “Unknown command” in the command line.

  • Mesh > Repair Tools > Remove Degenerate Faces – Unknown command. Might have changed to this command: _CullDegenerateMeshFaces

  • Mesh > Collapse > By Area – change macro from “!_CollapseMeshFaceByArea” to “!_CollapseMeshFacesByArea”

  • Mesh > Collapse > By Aspect Ratio – change macro from “!_CollapseMeshFaceByAspectRatio” to “!_CollapseMeshFacesByAspectRatio”

  • Mesh > Extract > Hole Boundary – change macro from “!_DupMeshHoleFoundary” to “!_DupMeshHoleBoundary”

  • Mesh > Boolean – why not give MeshBooleanDifference to the right-click

MatrixGold 2.5.21286.3010 Release Notes



  • Added Preference for Scrollbar Size and added Scrollbar to RibbonBar UI

  • Added Backface Highlight Display Mode.

  • Modified Preferences to Apply Default Display Mode if changed on preferences close.

  • Added the ability to Add Custom Display Modes; Added Refresh Button to Sync with Rhino Display Modes.

  • Added logic to backup current MG Rhino Scheme whenever UI Colors are reapplied because a Version Changed.

  • gvFixLayers command added to improve working with legacy Matrix files and CAM Tools

  • Renamed Gems On Curve UI to Gem On Curve to match its command

  • Modified Material Preference to prevent disabling both Text and Icons.

Dynamic Command Adjustments

  • Adjusted Prong Placer end prongs to have larger max value

  • Changed values when using Channel Cutter sliders/VPCH.

  • Adjusted values to be consistent with other dynamic commands.

  • CAM requested value changes to Head Bend values.

    • Increased Depth value for longer prongs.

  • Adjusted Pearl Cup values to be consistent with other dynamic commands.

  • Adjusted Gallery Rail values to be more consistent with other dynamic commands.

  • Adjusted Bail Values.

  • Changed Spacing Values and Default Gem Size in Gem On Curve.

  • Adjusted Micro Prong Cutter to be consistent with other dynamic commands.

  • Adjusted Bend, Shear, Twist, and Pull Push values to be consistent to other dynamic commands.

  • Adjusted Pipe values to be more consistent with other dynamic commands.

  • Adjusted Rope values to be more consistent with other dynamic commands.

  • Adjusted Under Bezel and Gem Cutter default values.

  • Adjusted Gem on Ring Rail fixed default Gem Tilt values.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue with users seeing gray viewports after upgrading.

  • Reset to Default not setting Default to Wireframe.

  • Rewrote the entire Customer/Designer/Person Editor logic for Projects to resolve many issues.

  • Fixed Tooltip wording for Dock/Float button on Content Manager.

  • Fixed Notification Corner Bug, Changed Default Toast Location to Lower Right.

  • Render Device Bug - Removed Render Device Preference, added Button Link to Rhino Cycles Settings Instead.

  • Fixed Batch Render Not Making Transparent PNG Output.

  • Fixed the Asymmetrical Shank 01 Profile replaced with a symmetrical version.

  • Fixed issue where Legacy Import failed to recognize Old Matrix Gems when their Instance Definition Name was "old_diamond_round" instead of "diamond_round".

  • Fixed issue with Display Modes Reset not working correctly.

  • Fixed display mode population to get prevent issues with corrupt display mode file on disk.

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