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MatrixGold  2.1

MatrixGold 2.1.19322.1001 Release Notes



  • Added new logic to preventRhino Hidden or gvHidden objects from showing while running a Command related to the objects. i.e. Hidden Cutters will no longer show when editing a Gem command.


  • Fixed Dynamic Command ending when choosing profiles within the Profile Picker of Content Manager.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking to select a Profile within Profile Placer would sometimes add a new profile instead of selecting an existing profile.

  • Fixed how Sweeping the Ring Rail may have caused issues with the Sweep Geometry produced.

  • Ring Rails are now built as a 12-pointNurbs Curve.

  • Fixed issue with saving files using the Dup Edge Dynamic Command.

  • Fixed diamond materials showing incorrectly in the viewport after Rendering.

  • Fixed delay on startup of Gem On Surface when surface was not preselected.

  • Fixed renders saving as PNG showing wireframe instead of solid.

  • Fixed preview gem orientation in Gems On Surface to follow geometry.

  • Fixed issues with setting camera path Start Point when an animation preset is applied.

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