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MatrixGold  3.8

available from March 2024

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MG V35-02.jpg
MG V35-02.jpg

Matrix Gold 3.8 Release Notes




  • In March 2024, MatrixGold 3 will be updated to run on Rhino 8 and expand design possibilities. MatrixGold 3 users with Rhino 8 licenses will receive the update at no additional cost.

  • Now until February 27, 2024, you can upgrade your Rhino license to Rhino 8 for just €395 (normally €595). This upgrade not only prepares you to unlock MatrixGold 3 with Rhino 8 at no additional cost, but also allows you to seamlessly continue using MatrixGold 3 with Rhino 7.

  • If you purchase Rhino 8 now, we will update your MatrixGold 3 license to be compatible with Rhino 8 in March 2024 at no additional cost. Take advantage of this offer now while continuing to work with your current version of Rhino. Rest assured that purchasing Rhino 8 does not invalidate your existing license. MatrixGold 3 will only work on Rhino 7 until March 2024.

Rhino 8 upgrade.jpg
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