Jewelery 350i PRO Loader


The high-resolution, dynamic servomotors with absolute measuring systems used in the Jewelery 350i PRO series guarantee up to 20% faster processing with optimum precision. Another advantage of the PRO series is that this machine system is made up of a one-piece machine frame made of polymer concrete and thus guarantees the highest possible stability for vibration-free machining.

The Jewelery 350i PRO is equipped with a larger 15 "touch screen and has an illuminated front panel

In addition, a wide variety of adapter systems can be used with the zero point clamping system, such as different PreFab abutment holders, glass ceramic holders or the C-clamp holder.

The Jewelery 350i Loader PRO with fully automated blank magazine also enables the versatile processing of up to 12 blanks in unmanned operation . Due to the precise repositioning of the zero point clamping system, different PreFab abutment holders can be used.

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Special holders for jewelry, watches, accessories and small parts

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