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CNC Watch 1010 Micro Premium


With the Jewelery 350i processing system, a machine concept has been developed that meets all modern requirements for CAD / CAM processing. This means that all relevant blank materials can be processed on a single machine system without restrictions. The modern and optimized machine kinematics with the high angles of freedom of the 5 axes of more than 30 ° allow high quality milling and grinding in wet and dry machining. With the Jewelery 350i, the optional zero point clamping system enables the entire blank holder to be changed easily at the push of a button. In addition, a wide variety of adapter systems can be used with the zero point clamping system, such as different PreFab abutment holders, glass ceramic holders or the C-clamp holder.

  • Solid axle construction made of polished natural granite for
    5-axis simultaneous machining

  • in high dynamics for high-precision milling results

  • absolute, high-resolution measuring systems in all axes (0.5 μm)

  • High-frequency spindle up to 50,000 rpm and 3.2 kW power
    with HSK 25 tool holder

  • high precision through integrated temperature compensation

  • 16-fold fully automatic workpiece changer

  • Production possible around the clock

  • Hybrid machining (precise remilling of SLM work)

  • Suitable for watch cases and watch parts

Millable materials


Wet machining
Coolant is filtered and recirculated


Connection of a vacuum cleaner possible, suction nozzle available