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Jewelery 350i 


With the Jewelery 350i processing system, a machine concept has been developed that meets all modern requirements for CAD / CAM processing. This means that all relevant blank materials can be processed on a single machine system without restrictions. The modern and optimized machine kinematics with the high angles of freedom of the 5 axes of more than 30 ° allow high quality milling and grinding in wet and dry machining. With the Jewelery 350i, the optional zero point clamping system enables the entire blank holder to be changed easily at the push of a button. In addition, a wide variety of adapter systems can be used with the zero point clamping system, such as different PreFab abutment holders, glass ceramic holders or the C-clamp holder.

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The basic idea is to offer our customers an overall concept , a solution for the requirements of jewelry production.

Thanks to our know-how from the jewelry industry and the products of imes-icore , this overall concept for the jewelry industry was created consisting of:

  • High-precision 5-axis CNC technology made in Germany with automatic tool changer

    • Processing of gold, silver, CoCr / NEM, titanium, zirconium dioxide, aluminum oxide, PMMA (plexiglass), plastics, composites, wax, glass ceramic, hybrid ceramic

    • Optional wet and dry processing

    • Operation via touchscreen integrated in the machine housing

  • 5-axis CNC CAM software

    • simultaneous interpolated movement of the axes

  • Professional advice, training and maintenance

  • optional equipment

    • Possibility of equipping the 5-axis milling machine with a laser engraving unit
      This turns the milling machine into a laser engraving machine at the same time

    • Optionally, the milling machine can also be used for automated (robotized) production with our "Loader" versions
      can be equipped by automatically changing different holders of workpieces

All technical details can be found in the attached data sheet (PDF document)

The 5-axis CNC milling machine fulfills the following functions:

  • The milled models can be used for model making, which means that the customer can use the milling machine to create wax models that will later be used for casting.

  • The milling machine can also be used as a means of production, so that you can create your jewelry directly in the material of your choice.
    You have a wide range of options when choosing the material, from soft materials (wax), metals (stainless steel), precious metals (gold & silver) to ceramics, you can mill a large number of materials in wet or dry processes.

Jewelery 350i PNG.png

Millable materials


wet processing
Coolant is filtered and recirculated


Connection of a vacuum cleaner possible, suction nozzle available

Nullpunktspannsystem (1).png

With the Jewelery 350i (series), the "zero point clamping system" enables the blank holder to be changed easily at the push of a button. In addition, a wide variety of brackets can be used with the zero point clamping system
A variety of special holders are available

Special holders for jewelry, watches, accessories and small parts

CNC Jewelery 350i Modela Plexiglas
CNC & Laser 02
CNC & Laser 03
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