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CNC Watch & Jewelery DE Micro

THE HIGH-END SOLUTION for the highest demands

In the field of PREMIUM machines for PREMIUM requirements, this has become
machine system
  Watch & Jewelery DE Micro developed.
The systems are equipped with the highest quality industrial milling machine technology. The machine concept impresses above all with its precise, vibration-free and dynamic movement sequences in the demanding
and complex metalworking. All other relevant materials are
also be milled in high quality on this machine system or
to grind.
Especially for the creation of small parts from the areas:
Jewellery, watch parts and cases, medical technology, micro-processing, mold and prototype construction, and much more.

The Watch & Jewelery DE Micro  includes a fully integrated automatic 15-position tool changer. As a result, the machine system can be operated at full capacity around the clock without supervision, with the same high level of precision.  

the  Watch & Jewelery DE Micro  is a compact solution for machining workpieces up to 100x100x100 mm. It enables numerous materials such as titanium, steel, CoCr, ceramics, sapphire, zirconium or aluminum to be machined precisely.


Particularly noteworthy is the arrangement of the Y-axis, which ensures high stability and enormous vibration damping due to its installation position.

Almost all positions on the workpiece can be reached without reclamping. The selection of workpiece clamping devices and holders in connection with the zero-point clamping system makes the machine a versatile machining center. Their design enables wet/dry machining without time-consuming conversion.  

The zero-point clamping system serves as an interface and ensures the exact and repeatable positioning of the workpiece.


The system can be integrated into network-controlled automated production processes using software interfaces.  


The maintenance-friendly design and the durable direct spindle drives save service costs and time and offer a process-reliable machining system. During construction, care was taken to ensure that all elements are easily accessible and yet protected from external influences in order to guarantee a long service life. The mature system offers numerous options for expansion.