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MatrixGold  3.5

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Bug Fixes:

  • Toolbar: Curves: Flip Curve:

    • The Flip Curve icon was slightly larger than the rest, causing a minor issue with switching between the Curve category and any other category. The Flip Curve icon has been resized to fit properly.

  • Older Files: Gumball/ViewPort Control Handles (VPCH): Move/Rotate:

    • Some files from previous versions of MatrixGold were not populating the Move/Rotate VPCH. Those VPCH should now show in the Viewport where applicable.

  • Toolbar: Curves: Extrude Curve:

    • The last release introduced a bug with Extrude Curve, which prevented it from working with open curves. This has been resolved, and Extrude Curve should work with open curves again.

  • Preferences: Status Bar: Status Bar preferences were saving but not populating correctly on launch. Now, those preferences should save and load correctly between sessions.

General Improvements:

  • Tools: Profile Placer: Placement Method:

    • New Placement Method – Frontal

    • This orientation behaves similarly to Matrix Legacy and RhinoGold, keeping profiles perpendicular when assigned to non-planar rails.

  • Tools: Gems: Gem On Curve:

    • Spacing Method: Fixed:

  • ▪ Fixed Spacing should now work correctly.

    • Start Type: Gem Edge:

  • ▪ Added functionality for Gem Edge starting position.

  • UI Updates:

    • More UI updates.

    • Context Menu Updated.

    • Ring Resizer Panel Updated.

    • Gem Input Window Updated.

    • Expander Updated.

    • Localized ComboBoxes:

  • ▪ Tools: Gems: Gem On Curve:

  • Gem Orientation Methods:

    • Origin

    • Axis

    • Down

  • Gem Placement Methods:

    • Girdle

    • Culet

    • Table Gem

  • Spacing Methods:

    • Minimum

    • Minimum Scaled

    • Fixed

    • ▪ Tools: Settings: Head:

  • Base Styles:

    • Head

    • Head Point

    • Head Cut to Point

    • ▪ Tools: Tools: Profile Placer:

  • Profile Placement Method:

    • Auto

    • X

    • Y

    • Z

    • Flat

    • Frontal

  • Legacy Migration: Outside Ring Rails:

    • Legacy Matrix Migration Wizard should now correctly populate Outside Ring Rails, allowing users to import and use legacy outside ring rails.

  • Tools: Solid: Object On Curve:

    • Added functionality to select multiple reference objects to add to the curve. Previously, only one could be selected.

  • Geometry: Objects: Planar Objects:

    • Prevented scalar handles from collapsing into one location on planar objects.

  • Tools: Ring Resizer: Various:

    • In some cases, the default tolerance was causing odd shapes to appear in some files.

    • ▪ The tolerance has been lowered, and the odd shapes should not appear.

    • Added functionality to check for invalid geometry.

    • ▪ Added an associated warning message if invalid geometry was found.

    • In some cases, grid amplification prevented some valid geometry from being added to the document.

    • ▪ The grid amplification has been increased, and the geometry should now populate.

    • In some cases, Ring Resizer located a curve on the Ring Rail and treated it as the Ring Rail.

    • ▪ Added a check to prevent those cases from occurring.

    • Added Korean Ring Sizes.

  • Tools: Settings: Halo:

    • Halo Override:

    • ▪ Added new functionality to adjust the Halo’s shape without adjusting the center stone.

  • Tools: Tools: Tech Report:

    • Added functionality to save tech report as PDF.

  • Tools: Tools: Gem Report:

    • Added functionality to export gem report as TXT file.

    • Fixed additional cases involving the ‘Only Visible’ option.

  • Tools: Cutters: Micro Prong Cutter:

    • VPCH will now rotate along with the cutter.

  • Tools: Gems: Gem Guides:

    • Center Point Toggle:

    • ▪ Fixed the orientation of the Center Gem Guide when the Gem is rotated.

    • Added functionality to toggle the Center Gem Guide’s direction.

    • ▪ The Center Gem Guide can point toward other Gem Guides.

    • ▪ Only available when the Center Gem Guide is enabled.

  • Tools: Gems: Gem On Surface:

    • Fixed and issue where VPCH was sometimes attached to wrong gem.

  • Tools: Gems: Custom Gem Builder:

    • Added localization.

    • Fixed issue of controls failing when set to French language.

New Features:

  • Tools: Curves: Dynamic Change Seam:

    • gvChangeSeam

    • This tool allows the designer to change the seam point of a curve and retain parametric capabilities.

  • Tools: Curves: Dynamic Project:

    • gvProject

    • This tool allows the designer to project curves and retain parametric capabilities.

  • Tools: Curves: Dynamic Rebuild:

    • gvRebuild

    • This tool allows the designer to rebuild a curve and retain parametric capabilities.

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MG V35-02.jpg
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